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Over 30 years of combined trade show & corporate event experience


Brian"The Magic Guy" Campbell
Trade Show Magician • Presenter • Master Hypnotist

As a man of many talents, to say the least, Brian is a professional magician / entertainer and has been for over 25 years. He's performed for over a million people face-to-face, having had the privilege of entertaining people from all walks of life.

From celebrities to professional athletes, trade shows to corporate and private events; Brian performs in just about every type of situation imaginable. Having graduated from one of the top sales and marketing courses in the nation,Brian is one person you want to have on your team if success is your goal.

His ability to quickly read his client's personality and needs is unbelievable, as is his ability to turn any event or situation into a celebration!
Not only does Brian hold a degree in Respiratory Medicine, but he's also certified as a Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

His reputation for being one of the leading crowd gatherers and corporate entertainers in the business today is one that he has earned and proven time and time again.

75% of Fortune 500 companies can't be wrong!

"Please, please don't ever become a
bank robber, we would never catch you"

N.Sabha - Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Orange County Bank Robbery Task Force

"This guys stuff will make your head spin!"

"The ShowPro's team doubled lead generation, broke and surpassed our goals…thanks!”    
  - D. Benning - Industry Marketing Manager

"Too fantastic to be real-it's magic!"

"Even sober, this guy will fool you!"

​​"The Amazing Allison" Campbell 

 Mentalist • Trade Show Presenter • Hypnotist

They say that corporate entertainment and trade shows are a "Man's World"... well "Amazing Allison" has proven otherwise!


Allison is ranked as one of the top female mentalists in the world, and also one of the top Corporate Entertainers working in today's market. Her mentalism will astound and enthrall you. Even the most intellectual and skeptical of people are amazed and left wondering "How did she do that?"

Not only is Allison a mentalist, she's also one of the most sought-after crowd gatherers and brand ambassadors available. Her ability to seize the attention and hold a crowd, then "Info-tain" them, while delivering your important message, is astonishing!


Allison always meets or surpasses her client's goals. Often times, her crowds will come back again and again to watch her engaging and entertaining presentations.


Talk about multitasking! 
Allison is ear-prompter proficient, having the skill to create and speak at key notes.
She's a motivational speaker, writer, and photographer,TV personality, emcee, hypnotist, as well as she is a Certified Trainer".


What doesn't she do!

July 2015, The CW's Hit Show
"Penn & Tellers Fool Us" hits all-time viewer high during Amazing Allison's episode
"Allison does world class mentalist tricks
on Penn & Teller...her tricks were impressive!"
Las Vegas Mentalist Allison Campbell"

- Robin Leach,
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous & Journalist
“Having Allison at our high profile booth & preferred client events over the past 4 years,
is the best money I’ve ever spent!”   
          G.Olah-Vice President, Business Development

Corporate America's Leading Trade Show & Entertainment Professionals

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