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Persuasive Presentations & Dynamic Demonstrations

Trade Shows  Corporate & Private Events 
Hospitality Suites 
Sales Meetings 
Kick-Off Events
Sales Training 
Cocktail Receptions 
Award Dinners
Just about any place you'd desire a successful event!

Trade Show Mentalist

World-Class Mentalist, that uses engaging & crowd drawing, Mind Boggling effects to promote your message in a truly remarkable and memorable manner. These effects are both engaging and interactive!

Corporate Magicians

Magicians that are skilled in Increasing Booth Traffic at Trade Shows as much as 3-5 times, this can truly make your exhibit a must stop destination for attendees.
Trade Show Magazine rates Magic as "One of the top crowd gathering options!"

Booth and Event Hostesses

Our college educated, Bi/Multi-Lingual classy hostesses, add value to any event. They're proactive and are all pre-trained in your message or concept.They work well assisting in booth and event operations as well as crowd and customer management.


Public Speakers, that deliver complex messaging in an entertaining manner that clearly develop into sales.

Strolling Interactive Performers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Serious to delirious, our performers can bring that added Wow to the Wow Factor. They'll interact and amaze your guests, build rapport and spread goodwill, all while bringing smiles to your guests faces. 

Product Presenters with a Flair!

Who understand your vision and concept and can effectively communicate that to a select target audience with an entertaining twist!

Master Stage Hypnotist

From our Side-Splitting Comedy Stage Show, to Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking and our company-wide Stop-Smoking Programs, that may lower your companies insurance costs, and increase productivity.  

Brand Ambassadors

Who generate sales opportunities and build consumer preference of your brand by building product excitement.
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Corporate America's Leading Trade Show & Entertainment Professionals

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