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Frequently Asked, But Important Questions

Do you work internationally?
Yes, we maintain current passports, and since we are a married couple, we only require one room, passing the savings on to you. Due to our extensive network of presenters, performers, models and booth staff, we can provide you the needed coverage for your event virtually anywhere you require. 

"Brian and Allison have supported my company at multiple tradeshows/conferences in several different cities and consistently deliver a highly entertaining, professional and compelling draw to our corporate booth.
I love working with them!"

-R. Hoffman,Strategic Alliances Director
What are your rates?
We approach each event, show or presentation on a case by case basis. After all, each project is truly different from the next. However we always take into consideration your budget requirements. Feel free to contact us at anytime, we'll find out what your needs are and how best to fill them.

"Having Brian & Allison at our exhibits is by far the best money I've ever spent!"
- G. Olah, Vice President Business Development at Coho Data
Can you use our CEO or Boss in your show? 
During our trade shows, we don't normally involve your staff, since our goal is to work with the attendees and get them involved. However, during a kickoff event or an after dinner show; of course we can have them become the stars of the show. In fact we can make them appear magically, and, in the wink of an eye vanish (that seems to be highly requested, "make my boss disappear"). 
We can also teach your key staff members to do some magic or mind-reading to be used either with us in a show, or just to break the ice when they need to. 

"I loved being part of Allison's act, she is just as she claims...Amazing!"
J. Cambers, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Do you guarantee your work?​
A. We do back up our word on a limited basis. For corporate or private events, if we don't amaze or amuse your guest, we'll return our performance fee in full, minus travel and expenses. We are pretty sure no other performers do this.
B. As for trade shows, while we generally increase leads 2 to 3 times or more, it isn't practical to try and guarantee that, there are simply too many variables to consider. To date, we have never failed to meet our client's needs!
"You should only hire Brian Campbell to work your trade show or corporate event if you want to increase your business through more leads and higher visibility. Brian, single-handedly increased the foot traffic at our booths by 4-6x at every show he worked and drove our lead numbers through the roof! Brian is fun to work with and he adapts quickly to your business or event needs and goals. When your objective is to maximize your brand awareness and draw more traffic to your booth or entertain your high profile clients at events, then you must hire Brian Campbell!"
-M. Cooper, National Director of Cloud Infrastructure Sales
How does magic fit into a sales meeting?
As you well know, most people seem to drift away a bit as the speaker begins. By adding magic, which transcends all cultural and language barriers, you add interest and curiosity that will peak and keep the audience’s attention while presenting your message in an entertaining and memorable manner. We can even teach your staff "Ice-Breaking" skills that are crucial in business. We have backgrounds in business and sales, as well as being certified sales trainers.
We seamlessly weave your message using the attention grabbing skills of magic and mentalism to bring life to any stale sales or business meeting. 

"Wonderful and truly informative information on rapport building and social interaction...highly recommended!"
-J.Rolls,Vice President of Product Management at
So what makes us different?​
Well the truth is, there aren't that many other folks who do what we do. The ones that do are very competent and skilled. The way we stand out from the rest is, that we are a network of professional performers and not just a one-man show.
We maintain our staff at the highest of standards and constantly upgrade our material and performances to better serve you. By the may have noticed that we are the only ones who guarantee it!

Corporate America's Leading Trade Show & Entertainment Professionals

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